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We started breeding with the aim of producing and supplying top-quality goats in South Africa. Goat production generally involves a variety of breeds that are each tailored to fit different needs within goat-producing agricultural systems. Among those systems are dairy production, meat production, brush control, mohair production, a limited amount of cashmere production.
boer goat


Boer goats commonly have white bodies and distinctive brown heads. Some Boer goats can be completely brown or white or paint, which means large spots of a different color are on their bodies.

kalahari red goat


Their name is derived from their red coat and the Kalahari Desert. They have adapted to resist their harsh environment, having their red coats as a means of protection against sunlight and naturally built to resist diseases.

savanna goat


The white Savanna goat breed was developed from indigenous goats of South Africa. One of the advantages of these white goats was the fact that the white color is dominant over most other colors.

british alpine goat


The British Alpine is a high producer of quality goats’ milk, and the breed can be found in many goat dairies as an acceptable milker. These goats are capable of extended lactations, sometimes even lasting close to two years.

saanen goat


The Saanen is the most productive milk goat of Switzerland,  which has the most productive milking goats in the world. Average milk yield is 838kg in a lactation of 264 days. The milk has a minimum of 3.2% fat and 2.7% protein.

angora goat


The Angora or Ankara is a Turkish breed of domesticated goat. It produces the lustrous fibre known as mohair. Its in many countries of the world. The Angora is a moderately small goat, standing about 50–55 cm at the withers.

Purchasing Goats

Starting a large-scale farm will require many goats, which will cost a fortune to start with. A mature goat will fetch between R6000 and R24000.

Labour Intensive

Goats’ rearing is a labor-intensive activity more so when raising goats for milk since they will require to be milked two times a day.

Goat Housing

The housing cost is determined by the number of goats one is to raise, location, and the materials to be used in the construction.

Feeding Goats

Goats will not only feed on pastures but will require to be feed on supplements to boost their immune system and to increase production.

Goat Fencing

Goat keeping requires fencing of the grazing fields. The cost of fencing is determined by the area to be fenced and the material.

Goat Care

Goats require the attention of a veterinary doctor one time or another. They need to be dewormed and tested for diseases all year round.

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Goat?

There is a huge variance in the cost of goats. For example, an unregistered wether goat is going to cost a lot less than a registered champion bred buck.

There are also many factors that will determine how much a goat costs like their age, show history, health, and more. The quality of the goat breed, along with the market demand will dictate the price that that goat will cost.