Savanna Goats

savanna goat cape town

The savanna goat is a very new species developed by man in the 1950s. It was originally bred from Boer goats of South Africa for their meat quality. These goats have short white coats and dark grey or black skin.

This goat breed is perfect for impoverished regions because they produce tasty meat at a very early age. They are able to eat vegetation that other species cannot digest. Also because does often birth twins, these animals quickly produce food and income breeders.

What Do Savanna Goats Eat?


Similar to other meat goats, each Savanna goat requires pasture space for exercise as well as social needs. You should provide them with high-quality food & mineral supplements and control their breeding.

Goats require a little copper, so formulated food & supplements for sheep and horses can be given to them. Keep in mind that the digestive system of a goat is shorter than that of a cow. In addition, the nutrition according to bodyweight required by meat goats is almost as twice as much as that required by cows.


Savanna Goat Features


  • Exceptional Mothering skills
  • Parasite tolerance
  • Aggressive Foragers
  • Very Aggressive Breeders
  • Vigorous, fast-growing kids
  • Less Producer input
  • Strong legs and hoofs
  • Higher weaning weights
  • Excellent for creating percentage goat with added muscle
  • Improved muscle carcass yields