Toggenburg Goats

toggenburg goats south africa

Toggenburg goats are a breed of goat named after the region in Switzerland where the breed originated, the Toggenburg Valley. Toggenburgs are medium in size, moderate in production, and have relatively low butterfat content — 2 percent to 3 percent — in their milk. They are also known as being the oldest dairy goat breed.

The breed became popular due to strong limbs, well-formed udder and teats, and engaging nature. It spread throughout Switzerland and to other European countries and abroad.

Toggenburg Goats South Africa


The hair is short or medium in length, soft, fine, and lying flat. Its color is solid varying from light fawn to dark chocolate with no preference for any shade.

Distinct white markings are as follows: white ears with a dark spot in middle; two white stripes down the face from above each eye to the muzzle; hind legs white from hocks to hooves; forelegs white from knees downward with a dark lien (band) below knee acceptable; a white triangle on either side of the tail; white spot may be present at the root of wattles or in that area if no wattles are present.

Varying degrees of cream markings instead of pure white is acceptable, but not desirable. The ears are erect and carried forward. Facial lines may be dished or straight, never roman.


Breed Characteristics


Toggenburgs do not generally produce as much milk as the Saanen breed but have consistently good udders and are known for their persistent milk production over long periods. Fat yield is usually between 3% and 4%.

The breed performs at its best in cooler conditions and it is reported to be the least suited of the dairy breeds to tropical conditions.

Toggenburgs are a compact, robust, dairy-type animal (that is, with a dished or straight facial line and wedge-shaped body). They are usually slightly smaller than the other Alpine breeds. The does weigh at least 55 kg. The average height, measured at the withers, is about 79 cm for does and 90 cm for bucks.


Toggenburg Goats Temperament


The Toggenburg goats are usually friendly in behavior, and are generally quiet and gentle in temperament. Although they are classed as dairy goats, but they are also good for raising as pets mainly for their friendly and calm nature and good personality.

Toggenburg goat is considered a very hardy goat breed, and it is often an extremely curious and inquisitive animal. Crosses with meat goat breeds, such as Boer or Kalahari Red goat can add better growth rates to their kids, offering a milking line to the kids of meat goats.