Anglo Nubian Goats

anglo nubian goats south africa

Anglo Nubian Goats are a British breed of goat. They originated in the nineteenth century from cross-breeding between native British goats and a mixed population of large lop-eared goats imported from India, the Middle East, and North Africa.

It is characterized by large, pendulous ears and a convex profile. It has been exported to many parts of the world and is found in more than sixty countries. In many of them, it is known simply as the Nubian

Anglo Nubian Goats South Africa


The Anglo-Nubian goat was once the primary goat raised for milk, and they are still one of the most popular dairy goats. Even though they don’t produce the high quantities of milk that many other dairy breeds can, their milk is higher in fat and superior in flavor.

The Anglo-Nubian goat is a multi-purpose breed renowned for its tasty milk, but their large size makes them commonly used for hide and meat production too. Their milk boasts one of the highest concentrations of butterfat, surpassed only by the Boer, Nigerian dwarf, and Pygmy breeds. This makes their milk ideal for cheesemaking, as it has a sweet and unique flavor.


The Appearance of The Breed


The ideal Anglo-Nubian is an alert, sound, well-balanced animal. It stands four square and possesses the capacity and breeding ability of a good milking goat. It has a high, proud head carriage and majestic bearing.

The Anglo-Nubian has long, pendulous ears and the nasal bone is markedly convex in shape. The stance is more upright than the Swiss breeds. There is a pronounced brisket and high withers.

The females have a short glossy coat, and one of its most attractive features is the variety in colour. All coat colours are permissible; chestnut, fawn, black, white, or cream. Many colour combinations are found which give some very attractive mottled or marbled animals.


Anglo Nubian Goats Improves With Age


It is a breed that improves with age and there are instances of females breeding and milking well when past twelve years of age. Many animals of the breed are prolific and renowned for their fecundity. Twins, triplets, or quadruplets are common when the dam is well managed.

It is one of the heaviest and tallest breeds of goat, with males weighing up to 140Kgs and females to 110Kgs. The males have a longer and harsher coat than the females. The convexity of a male’s head is often highly pronounced (see photo). Males display the same upright stance and variety in colour as the females. They are very sturdy and strong.


Anglo Nubian Goat Does


The high-producing Anglo-Nubian doe should also be an efficient reproducer. She should have a mild temperament and appear alert and feminine.

1) The udder should be well developed not fleshy, and have a collapsed appearance and soft texture after milking. It should be round or globular, and not pendulous or ‘split’ between the halves. The udder should be carried high and well under the body. Good udder attachment is particularly important.

2) The teats should be distinct from the udder and moderately sized. They should be squarely placed and point slightly forward. Does with abnormal teats and udders may prove difficult to milk and should not be used for breeding replacements.

3) The jaw should be square (not overshot or undershot) and the teeth should be sound. The nostrils should be wide, the lips broad and the eyes set well apart. The neck should blend well into the shoulders and the chest should be broad and deep.

4) The body should be well developed and have good height and depth. The barrel should be deep and not fat. The ribs should be well sprung. The backline should have a very slight dip behind the withers and a gentle rise to the hips and show no sign of weakness.

5) The Anglo-Nubian doe should stand and walk without dropping at the pasterns. The legs should be strong and straight without being thick, and be placed squarely under the body. The thighs should allow adequate room for the udder.